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The Candle Works | Candle Business Starter Kit

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 Introducing our all-inclusive kit to start a candle making business can be a fantastic way to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and hobbyists with the essentials they need to enter the world of candle making.

Candle Business Starter Kit Contents:

1 14L Wax Melter/Pail Heater
25 lbs Canadian Beeswax
1 4lb wax melting pot
1 Candle Flex Bee Mould
1 Candle Flex Honey Bandit Mould
1 Candle Flex Beehive Skep Mould
1 Candle Flex skep votive set of 3 mould
1 Candle Flex set of 12 tea light mould
1 500 ft spool 2/0 wick
1 10" wicking needle
1 50 pack pre waxed tabs


Also included are step by step instructions, as well as customer support with questions or issues you might encounter while starting your business.