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Our Team


Todd Kalisz (Master Beekeeper)
John McFarlane (Beekeeper)
Dana Petrillo (Beekeeper)

Our beekeepers work diligently throughout the summer to inspect hives and ensure that all of our bees are top quality producers. Our beekeepers are also responsible for maintaining our bee yards and extracting honey.

Management Team

Mike Gordon  (Winnipeg Store & Western Sales) 
Jennifer Stafrace  (The Bee Works Gift Shop)
Mistie Roberts (Commercial Honey Sales)
Kristine Newman-Jones  (Marketing Director)
John MacFarlane  (Brand Ambassador & Workshop Lead)
Clifford Ramoutar  (Sales Manager)
Cassandra Macklem  (Key Accounts Manager)
Catherine Valcourt  (Operations Manager)
Dana Petrillo  (Inside Sales & Workshops)
Imre Rozsa  (Glassware & Maple Syrup)
Kate Collins   (Customer Service Lead)
Mary Stapleton  (Customer Service)
Ashley Prouse  (Customer Service)
Brett Pethick  (Warehouse Lead)
Brooke Harrison  (Shipping & Logistics Manager)
Arjun Vaid  (Manager of Technology)

Executive Board of Directors

Todd Kalisz  (Chief Executive Officer)
Jennifer Steeves  (Chief Accounting Officer)
Edwin Newman-Jones  (Chief Operations Officer)

Our dedicated team at Dancing Bee Equipment strives to offer an exceptional customer experience. Our office team manages everything from honey to fulfilling online orders.  Feel free to contact us for any inquiries you may have.