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Wrap-It-Heat Drum Heater | TRX-55

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The WRAP-IT-HEAT® Model TRX-55 Drum Heater is a thermostatically controlled drum heater with a three heat switch. Model TRX-55 Drum Heater is for standard 55 gallon all METAL drums. TRX-55 cannot be used on Plastic, Plastic Lined, or Fiber Drums.

Designed for heating materials with good heat receptivity. Thermostat bulb senses temperature in an area remote from the active heating element. You have the choice of two thermostat ranges: High, 200°F - 400°F, and Low, 60°F - 250°F. 120V and 240V ratings are available. The three-heat switch allows three wattage ratings per thermostat setting and voltage rating: HIGH (Maximum Watts), MEDIUM (1/2" Maximum Watts), and LOW (1/4" Maximum Watts). Equipped with spring-loaded toggle clamp for a snug fit, 6-foot power cord and high ampere three-pin plug. For 120V operation, use NEMA 5-20 Outlet. For 240V operation, use NEMA 6-15 Outlet. FOR INDOOR USE ONLY.

TRX-55 is to be used to heat NON-FLAMMABLE, NON-COMBUSTIBLE materials only in a NON-HAZARDOUS area.

The WRAP-IT-HEAT® Model TRX-55 Drum Heater is U.L. Listed and C.S.A. Certified.


  • Diameter - 22-1/2"
  • Shipping weight - 14 lbs. (Approx.)
  • Operating Voltage - 120V AC or 240V AC Single Phase
  • Power Output - 1,920W @ 120V or 3,000W @ 240V
  • Thermostat Range - 60°F to 250°F or 200°F to 400°F
  • Amperage - 16 A at 120 V & 12.5 A at 240V