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Dancing Bee Equipment | Wax Melting Tank/Pail Heater | 14 Litre

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Our Wax Melting Pot is used to melt wax for use in candle making and other craft projects. It is made with high quality, 18 gauge stainless steel and is water-jacketed. This melting tank can also hold a five-gallon pail of honey to keep it warm and help decrystallize, making it easier to pour. This warming tank can be used for a variety of different things like tempering chocolate, warming and pouring sauces, a bucket warmer and pretty much anything you can think of!

This tank comes complete with everything needed, including an immersion heater and ball valve, at a great price.

Capacity:  3.8 Gallons / 14.4 Litres
100% Canadian Made