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Beeswax Foundation | No Wire | Medium

Original price $2.72 - Original price $479.95
Original price
$2.72 - $479.95
Current price $2.72

This wireless 100% beeswax foundation is known as the traditional option for your bees. Bees love this foundation and it is ideal for producing comb honey as well as hand-rolled candles. 

Foundation is 5-5/8 inches x 16-3/4 inches and fits 6-1/4 inch frames. 

There are approximately 11 sheets per pound.

Wax sheets are very fragile when it's cold. We recommend ordering when the temperature is expected to remain above 5°C. All wax foundation ships at the customer's own risk for damage.

Each  $2.72
25 lb Box  $479.95