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Mead Making - Regular Siphon Kit

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Introducing the Regular Siphon Kit, the complete package for all your liquid transfer needs! This kit includes everything you need to transfer liquids quickly and easily from mead, wine, cider or beer.  The best siphon kit for larger vessel brewing.  The perfect fit for large carboy or 5 and 6 gallon pails. Also includes a siphon clamp to all you to secure the auto siphon to the vessel to allow for hands free siphoning.

The kit comes with a Regular Auto Siphon, making it even easier to transfer liquids from one container to another, requiring only one pump to start the flow. The Siphon Hose is made of high-quality, durable, and flexible plastic, resistant to kinks and crushing, making it easy to maneuver and position in tight spaces.

In addition, the kit includes a Bottle Valve, which allows you to control the flow of liquid and prevent spills and overfilling. Simply attach the valve to the end of the hose, insert into the liquid, and start pumping.